The most innovative Industrial air conditioning

Biocool cooling systems are a benchmark in the industrial evaporative refrigeration industry because they promptly reduce indoor air temperature, ensuring higher productivity.


Biocool refrigeration system

The ideal for solving heat problems in the industrial and craft sectors.





Smart city cooler controller

  • Inside and outside temperature controller to optimize use of air handler units.
  • It ensures the optimum performance of units, reporting in real time the existence of errors and temperature.
  • It saves maintenance costs and response time of the service to users thanks to the technical help without a physical visit when not necessary.
  • It saves time in maintenance and improves the service to users since it enables remote detection of errors before being run.
  • It enables operation to be automated, specifying the temperature and limiting the humidity.
  • It records historical data that lets you control in detail the results obtained.
  • It optimizes water use when external conditions are favorable for forced ventilation.