Evaporative cooling for natural freshness


Looking for a solution to reduce the air temperature inside a shed, factory, greenhouse or company?

An adequate air renewal would allow to increase the productivity of your company.

Climeco uses eco-friendly systems that guarantee a reduction in temperature and a constant change of air.

Evaporative cooling offers a green solution as it uses only water and air to provide efficient cooling.

Why choose evaporative cooling?

  • reduces the temperature between 5° and 12° depending on external conditions;
  • consumes 80% less than air conditioning;
  • allows you to stay with doors and windows open allowing a constant exchange of air;
  • improves air quality by eliminating dust, smoke and odors;

How do our coolers work?


A pump draws water from a reservoir that humidifies a large natural cellulose evaporative panel. A powerful fan draws air through the evaporative panel. The water evaporates from the panel, lowering the air temperature. In addition to cooling, the air will be purified of dust and odors. The air in the rooms will be constantly regenerated due to their open window mode of operation.

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