Rental, assistance and advice services on all our systems

Climeco services

We offer our customers a 360° service, from consulting before and after the purchase to design and assistance.






Our strong point is to work alongside our customers, helping them at every stage and providing them with all our knowledge, through preventive and scheduled maintenance to ensure maximum performance of our products, providing in addition to technical advice and installation service.

Climeco offers an efficient, precise and punctual assistance service for the products on sale.

This is because the satisfaction of our customers also passes through a system of services that ensures the perfect state of efficiency of the products.


We offer cooling services also on a rental basis, with a selected range of portable coolers from the best brands on the market.

Thus offering an economic solution, seasonal or short-term, depending on your needs as well as cooling systems among the most environmentally friendly.

The cooling systems that we propose, in fact, allow you to cool the environment using the natural process of evaporation.

Thus obtaining the climate control in large and medium-sized structures saving energy and respecting the environment.


Consulting and Planning

We constantly offer our expertise to recommend the most suitable solution for the customer's needs.

We offer our technical skills, as well as knowledge of the products, to guide the best choice and perfect operation of our air conditioning solutions.